Bryce Lupoli

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Breathwork Specialist - 

Bryce Lupoli is a breathwork specialist, teacher of Sheng Zhen Meditation, writer, and singer. He came to this work out of necessity. 

At age 16 Bryce was struck by crushing existential depression. He sought refuge through art, nature, sports, and various wisdom traditions — with moderate success. Matters became more strained when, in his late teens and early 20’s, Bryce developed a series of auto-immune illness, including vitiligo, dupuytren contractures, and pseudo-arthritis, which severely impacted his quality of life. Desperate, short on medical options, and in search of real peace, he entered a monastery, where his perspective of Life and Being radically shifted. Joy, meaning, and a sense of Inter-connectedness became frequent visitors once more.To his great surprise, even his physical health began to return.

Today, Bryce shares with others the skills, practices, and ways of being that have been most essential to his healing. Having been through his own dark night of the soul and health saga, he is exceedingly grateful to provide deep companionship, faith in the possibility of transformation, and tools for the journey for those walking a similar path.

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