Jennifer Lindley

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Acupuncture - 

After receiving her Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jennifer has been treating patients for almost two decades.  She brings her innate healing presence to our clients by providing Auricular Acupuncture which sends specific neurological messages of safety and support. NADA is a protocol developed to assist with trauma and addiction. The insertion of five tiny needles in each ear targets the points that calm the mind, and support the liver and kidney function. The perfect compilation of Acupressure points to assist the body in finding rest and repair.  Jennifer was born and raised in Santa Barbara county and is now raising her own daughter in our beautiful community.  She has a deep reverence for the 5,000 year old medicine she has learned and applies it to her daily life.  Her message to all clients is to breathe in trust and exhale fear.  Your time spent with Jennifer will help heal your mind, body and soul.

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