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 5-Day Intensives

Our very popular, customized 5-day intensives are designed to help you bring your life and relationships back into balance.  The program helps you connect with current or past situations and link them to how they are affecting you today.  You’ll have the opportunity to process through emotional struggles, work through grief and loss, and address numbing behaviors, so that you can connect more deeply with yourself.  You’ll have a chance to take a deep-dive into your past in a way that is fully contained (including 90 min trauma processing sessions, art therapy, life coaching, psychodrama/experiential group, meditation and mindfulness, personal training, yoga therapy and movement and acupuncture. This process helps identify blocks that are in the way of having you move forward into the life you desire.  Learn how to be vulnerable and identify feelings, move through them, and formulate a life plan moving forward.   

You will have an initial 90-min assessment session which is uniquely customized to you.  The team then gathers and formulates a plan of treatment.  The team meets each day to coordinate your care in a way that honors your specific goals of healing.

You will complete your program with a plan of care that supports your continuing healing process.  

The staff works together with you and can set up accountability outside the program for follow-up as needed.


  • 9 am Check-in/Meditation/Mindfulness
  • 10-11:30 am EMDR/Trauma Processing
  • 11:30 am Journal Process
  • 12 pm Yoga Class or Personal Training
  • 1 pm Lunch Break
  • 2 pm Art Therapy
  • 3:30 pm Yoga 1x1 Therapy
  • 4:30 pm Life Coaching 
  • 5:00 Home

Connect with current or past situations and link them to how they are affecting you today.

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