Continuing Care

When clients attend a 5-day intensive healing program they work with a primary therapist and 6-10 additional staff members who provide adjunctive services to ensure full mind and body healing.  The continuing care plan is as important as the customized healing program.  

As we conduct the intake, we begin thinking about continuing care.  On the fourth day, we make recommendations for the client’s ongoing care.  The client and their primary therapist work together to create a plan that ensures the best possible outcomes.

Examples of Continuing Care Plans:

  • An additional full 5-day program.
  • A less intensive version of the 5-day-program (fewer hours a day and fewer services)
  • Stepping down to fewer days a week or even once a month for full or partial days.
  • Life Coaching with ongoing accountability (often done in conjunction with individual follow-up therapy or conducted on alternating weeks).
  • Life Coaching
  • Continued individual therapy with a (CNS) Calming Nervous System component
  • Individual therapy only
  • For clients out of the immediate area:
    • Many choose to schedule dates for full program days on a monthly or quarterly basis
    • Therapy (for California residents), Restorative Yoga, Grief Recovery Support, Addiction Recovery Support, Life Coaching, and/or the Mental Fitness Program are all services that can be provided via telehealth
    • Our team will assist in locating practitioners in your area who provide the services that you find most beneficial.
  • Attending alumni workshops
  • Recommendations to support groups or alternate services

Clients who schedule their continuing care program are ensured ongoing support and accountability to maintain & deepen their healing process.  Like all of our programs, the continuing care is customized to each client.

Family Counseling and Trauma Healing Center