What to Expect

  • Mindfulness/Meditation
  • Certified Yoga Therapy
  • Certified Art Therapy
  • Certified EMDR Treatment
  • Auricular Group Acupuncture
  • Movement and Yoga Classes
  • Bodywork (optional)
  • Experiential and Didactic Group Sessions
  • Addiction Group (if appropriate)
  • Disordered Eating Group (if appropriate)
  • Family Therapy (if appropriate) - week four
  • Professional Coaching

Our team works together closely to facilitate the necessary healing steps for each individual client while incorporating intensive and supportive group work as well.

Most services are provided twice a week, with meditation and some sort of movement integrated into every day. 

“Thank you for supporting me and contributing to my successful move forward professionally and personally. You helping me express how I felt about my family system and the things that happened to me, allowed me to find compassion for myself and my family members.  I deeply thank you and this program. Cheers!


Our Team

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