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Alisa Taylor is the founder of Taylor’d Touch: Customized Creative Wellness, a body-work practice designed to help anyone looking to explore a deeper connection with their body. Taylor’d Touch is an LA-based business, with a heightened focus on a creative exploration through body-work and movement therapy. Alisa grew up in a household of healers and later sought a professional education in the performing arts. Through rigorous performance training, Alisa began to feel and identify the many ways in which our bodies keep track of trauma and old wounding. Taylor’d Touch was built to focus on tending to those somatic memories, allowing personal experience to enhance performance, rather than hinder it. Alisa regularly partners with licensed therapists to facilitate healing through workshops, intensives, and retreats. In addition, she has worked for nearly a decade as a Talent Manager and Acting Coach in Los Angeles. She uses body-work techniques to help guide professional performers toward achieving the highest level of relaxation and authenticity on stage or on camera. These techniques have led actors to career-launching opportunities in television, film, and on Broadway. Taylor’d Touch has co-facilitated multiple retreat weekends, as well as providing the hands-on portion of intensive trauma therapy workshops. For more information or to schedule an initial session, please reach out to Alisa directly via TAYLOR’D TOUCH on Facebook, or simply call/text (805) 757-7784. To hire Taylor’d Touch for a retreat or group event, please contact The Family Counseling and Trauma Healing Center at (805) 757-7783.

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