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Within a 10-year period my parents died just months apart, my best friend died from breast cancer, and my husband of 22 years and I divorced. But, it was the death of my eldest daughter that sent me looking for a grief support system in addition to the counseling I was already receiving. I found that there were not any groups within a reasonable distance. In 2010, I obtained the charter for a national bereaved parents’ group and for five years I was their facilitator. I certainly found the support of the group beneficial but felt that I wanted to actually work with my grief as opposed to just repeating it. That is when I discovered the Grief Recovery Method.

It is through my personal experience, that I found how very beneficial the GRM is; It is a simple and methodical, but effective process. Grief is one of the greatest sources of pain. It is one of the most natural occurrences and at the same time remarkably misunderstood. Often the pain of grief is treated with unhealthy demonstrated learned behaviors. I became a certified instructor in 2020 knowing that I could help clients find their way through their debilitating losses within their life with unforeseen sorrows but not be defined by them.

I live in Santa Ynez, CA, and offer 7-week one-on-one grief support, and 8-week grief group support, Helping Children With Loss, and Pet Loss using the Grief Recovery Method. Remember, grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss. It isn’t a disorder, there’s nothing wrong with you.


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