Jamie Dubin

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Reiki, Breathwork & Sound Bowl Healer - 

Jamie grew up in southern California and was always seeking creative ways to help others. She used her education in psychology and interest in holistic wellness modalities to hold space for others on their healing journey.

She has done a wide range of training including sound healing, breathwork, and mindfulness. Her focus is on trauma-informed practices and inclusivity.

She believes she is a student of life and always plans to continue learning about self-empowerment and consciousness-expansion. With a passion for everything meditation-related, she believes everyone can meditate in their own unique way if given the guidance, patience, and reassurance.

Currently residing in San Luis Obispo, she travels up and down the California coast to share her offerings. She shares her offerings at retreats, studios, schools, and mental health organizations full time. When Jamie isn’t sharing sound vibrations she is at the beach, cuddling up with her dog, exploring nature, listening to new audiobooks, and practicing yoga.

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