Jared Roehrig, AMFT

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Jared Roehrig, AMFT

Jared, who specializes in processing through art, EMDR, and psychodynamic psychotherapy,  has been at The Healing Center since August 2022.  As an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, Jared helps clients connect to deeper parts of the Self and find creative solutions to their goals.  Jared works with adults and children at the Healing Center and in private practice in Santa Barbara.  Jared also works part-time at Mission Harbor Behavioral Health in Santa Barbara where he leads groups on shadow work, family systems, and processing through art.  “I’ve learned that the best healing is done with a collaborative spirit, harnessing one’s humor and creativity to nurture, grieve, and grow.”

Jared received his Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.  His prior clinical experience includes working at Sanctuary Centers of Santa Barbara where he worked with clients with PTSD, substance use, and the toxic effects of shame.  He enjoys writing, tarot reading, and old movies.

Jared is currently under direct supervision from Diana Greenwood, LMFT #98131


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