Kimberli Kuljian

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Certified Life Coach - 

Kim is passionate about helping people reach, or navigate through, a turning point in their search for greater freedom and joy. Having experienced the power of coaching herself, both professionally and personally, she knows it works!

Kim spent 9 years in the Air Force and another couple of decades as a defense contractor. In her personal life, she is intimately familiar with grief, chronic illness, addictions, co-addictions, challenges in career progression, mental health, and relationships, aging, divorce, single parenting, and family-of-origin issues. More importantly, she is also intimately familiar with the recovery process.

As a life coach, Kim fearlessly leans into difficulties and challenges with her clients. Collaborating with the client, they discover what is possible, and move into change. With support, encouragement, and the power of being held accountable, clients step into a new life chapter with greater freedom and joy.

Kim is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and holds an International Coaching Federation certification. Additionally, she specializes in the Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ) mental fitness program.

Please visit or give Kim a call at (805) 714-6908 if you’d like to learn more

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