Kyra Glover

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Hi I’m Kyra. I was drawn to the world of bodywork after having many of my own powerfully moving experiences in the loving hands of massage therapists, traditional healers, friends and family. I feel grateful to call Hawai'i and California home and have learned methods of bodywork from teachers in both places. In sessions I draw from studies in the traditions of Lomi Lomi, Swedish, Trigger Point, Myofascial and Thai massage to uniquely meet people in their present ability and intention. Recognizing that our bodies are an intricate blend of physical, ancestral, emotional and energetic layers, my sessions aim to facilitate greater connectivity, ability, ease and flow throughout. 
Whether a person has had a lifetime of learning about the body or is fresh out of the womb I love that touch is one of our most accessible, intuitive and transformational senses. At its best I see it as a deeply restorative and nourishing conduit of well-being and an important lifeline in the weave of our humanity... something many of us would benefit from more of these days! 

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