Morgan Hurd, Doctor of Chiropractic

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Morgan Hurd, Doctor of Chiropractic - 

Morgan Hurd provides expertise in appropriate, neurologically-focused care for the spine and cranium.  He is a graduate of Palmer College (2018) where he was trained in upper cervical spine care (Blair, Atlas-Orthogonal) Cranial Sacro-Occipital Technique, and other minimal-force instrument-based techniques including Torque Release and MC2.

Through both personal and clinical experience, Morgan has found that when the body suffers emotional or physical trauma, our neurological systems can no longer adapt to stimulus; internal or external.  That very failure of adaptation is partly to blame for those who find themselves stuck in a certain neurological state, be it fight-or-flight or parasympathetic dissociation.  The spine is our most direct, physical connection to our nervous system, and with the goal of healing our entire self, he believes that we must look deeper into the roadblocks that impound our physical and non-physical being.  

At the Trauma Healing Center, Morgan performs neurologically appropriate instrument chiropractic adjusting, breathwork, and cranial care.

Morgan resides in Lompoc with his wife and two children, along with their cats PinkCat and Juan, and dogs Niko and Katie.

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