Rachael Morehouse, Program Manager

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Rachael Morehouse, Program Manager - 

Rachael Morehouse is a passionate force for the well-being of the human heart, body, and soul.  She is imaginative, creative, and thrives on a challenge but is most fulfilled when helping others.  Rachael is motivated by her strong will to help create a world with better health, joy, resilience, and personal connections.  Empowering others to live their best life is the motivator behind Rachael’s loving heart and often humorous personality.  She is a ‘take action’ personality and is unlikely to take “can’t” for an answer.  She loves to experience life through travel, movies, books, volunteer work, and most of all her cherished husband and daughter.  Rachael works behind the scenes coordinating, communicating, and planning the day-to-day running of our program.


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