Rich Heiser LMT

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Rosen Method Bodywork - 

I began bodywork training in 1996 after a close friend and bandmate died of an overdose.  I connected with an intent to help myself and others and spent over a decade studying different forms of therapy.  I became a massage therapist and spent two years assisting a Cranial Osteopath.  I then found deep resonance studying with Marion Rosen in Berkeley and became a Rosen Method Practitioner.

Rosen Method reaches for who we are inside, underneath the muscular holding patterns and posturing we do.  These unconscious contractions are accessed by use of touch and sparse verbal dialogue.  Once accessed, we can feel how we’ve been holding it all together.  The physical touch allows us to experience not being alone with these embodied feelings.  With somatic support, many possibilities can arise to feel deeper into our body’s experience and how we move through life.  Greater awareness and flexibility within our body, thoughts, and emotions can bring more choice to how we want to live.

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