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Trauma Healing Center Testimonials

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“Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my family.  I truly believe I wouldn’t be alive without your intervention and support of me and my family.”


“Thank you so much for your wisdom, compassion and guidance. Your program got us through a very difficult time, and I think of you and your team with deep gratitude.  Not all superheros wear capes!  You are fantastic!” 


“I could probably write a book about the many ways you and this program have helped me in my life!  At the same time it seems hard to express in words how grateful I am for the amazing ways you have influenced me! You are the very best and most wonderful therapist ever!”


“Beverly and her team were so right on with the questions and modalities to help me sort through and PROCESS my thoughts and feelings through mind (and my body) so I could deal with my issues head on.”


“Thank you so much for offering this time to help me pause and reset.  It was all so wonderful and I deeply appreciate all of the services that came together to help prevent my burnout symptoms!”


“Thank you for everything!  I don’t know how we would manage this year’s changes without your help!”


“Thank you for your support and for sharing your wisdom, guidance and encouragement. Your gifts are truly helping shape me into a better, healthier and more wholehearted person.


“Thank you for supporting me and contributing to my successful move forward professionally and personally. You helping me express how I felt about my family system and the things that happened to me, allowed me to find compassion for myself and my family members.  I deeply thank you and this program. Cheers!


“Thank you to Beverly and her team for helping me bloom and grow!  I had a great week-long intensive at FCTHC and appreciate the care from both you and the entire team, very very much!”


“I know my work is far from over, but I am so grateful for the program you have created.  The people you have introduced to me and the work we have done together already while the results of toxic shame still need some mothering, I can truly look at some of my post painful moments and choices and call them what they are - mistakes - nothing more.  That doesn’t make ME a mistake!  I have learned from those mistakes and am better because of them.  I will embrace them. “


“Thank you for creating this program and for making lives better!”


“This program literally saved my life.  The cost was a huge investment in myself.  The staff are all so insightful, well-trained and compassionate.  Once you trust the process & dig deep, you will reap huge rewards & gain a solid support network.”


“Every single staff member I worked with was kind, supportive, professional, nurturing and excelled at their craft.  I could not have asked for more.  I will carry all of you with me as I continue my life.  Each of you contributed to a profound and life changing moment for me.  I am different.  I am so much better.  I have much less pain, less anxiety, less nightmares.  I will remember each of you for the rest of my life.  YOu changed my life and I am so grateful.”


“A valuable program in different ways.  The family history was great, providing such clarity when we write it all out.  Powerful.  I felt a message of understanding forgiveness for all.”


“Between all of you I had the greatest experience I could have hoped for.  Thank you from the very bottom of my heart.  I could not have gotten to where I am without a single one of you.  I give thanks for your program every day and hope you all continue to heal others through your love and care.”  


“Everyone is friendly, obviously not only enjoys what they do but are passionate about it. It shows!”  


“As a first responder approaching burnout, this program was so meaningful and helpful.”  



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