🧠 Spring Clean Your Mind

Did you know that you can Spring Clean not just your home, but your thoughts and beliefs? Doing a cleanup of your mind can help you feel like you are starting a new season with a clear slate. Some ideas to spring clean your mind:

Get a good night’s sleep. Try some apps for relaxation, become more mindful of your breathing, and put your electronics across the room.

Exercise. Find something fun that you love to do. (Beverly loves pickleball!)

Eat right. Avoid sugary foods and high carb counts…especially before bedtime.

Meditate. There are some great apps out there, and a meditation can be as short as 3-minutes!

Manage your stress levels.

Get help if you feel emotionally stuck.

This month marks the third anniversary of the Family Counseling and Trauma Healing Center. We are happy to announce that despite COVID-19, we are continuing to offer therapy and support as well as customized intensive programs of 3, 5 & 20+ days.

We are moving! It’s true! We’ve outgrown our space on Oak Street and will be moving to 2029 Village Lane, Suite 200. We are so excited to continue to offer our services in a slightly larger way.

We’ve spent the past few years also tending to Healing the Healers by offering complimentary self-care days to other therapists, doctors, nurses, advocates, etc that are out on the frontlines tending to our community. If you, or a professional you know needs this, please reach out to us.

We receive calls every day. We offer help wherever we can or provide referrals to other amazing therapists within Santa Barbara County.

We’ve seen so much grief and loss in the past few years. Our team did some continuing extensive grief training this year to continue to tend to the grief in our community.

For more information about what we are up to check out our website at www.traumahealingcenter.net. To stay on top of all that we offer, please connect with us on FacebookInstagramTwitter or LinkedIn.

Family Counseling and Trauma Healing Center