❤️ Is someone you love struggling with substance abuse issues?

It is no longer possible to consider substance abuse as an illness only affecting the individual. Research shows that the effects of these conditions on family members have a disturbing impact on the personalities of their loved ones.

At the Family Counseling and Trauma Healing Center we help everyone heal on a deeper level. We support recovery with the client’s substance abuse as well as pain that arises for the family/loved ones.

Sometimes the addict or alcoholic is not ready for help. The loved one may believe they cannot be helped. We offer support for everyone, on all different levels, in a customized program specifically designed for each individual case.

At Family Counseling and Trauma Healing Center, we have a specific tract for substance abuse. We customize programs to address not only the addiction but the underlying causes. We offer intensive day programs and workshops (usually 9am-5pm) five days a week which include a holistic approach to healing addiction that focuses on treating the whole person.

For more information on getting you or your family help, please call 805.697.7756 or email info@traumahealingcenter.net. You can also check out our website at www.traumahealingcenter.net

For more information about what we are up to check out our website at www.traumahealingcenter.net. To stay on top of all that we offer, please connect with us on FacebookInstagramTwitter or LinkedIn.

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