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The Healing Center Newsletter

Time to Heal

Did you know that for some people their past wounding hurts so much that the thought of suicide feels like a solution to their suffering? We’ve all been through such a rough couple of years. It can be hard to know when to really start your own personal healing. Whatever issues or symptoms you are experiencing, let us help. Our intensive customized programs (5, 10 or 20 day) bring together a holistic & contained experience allowing you to deep dive at your own pace. If it’s your time to heal...find out how.

What’s New

Life Changing Grief Intensive Program. October 1st-3rd 2021 in Santa Barbara. The Healing Center is providing a Pathways Workshop that is important for all of us. Whether you have lost someone, or struggling with someone who is dying, this three day workshop will help you gain insight around this difficult and very real subject.

Contact us for more information and to sign up

What’s happening

Ongoing Art Therapy Group - Tuesdays @ 5:30pm. See what participants are saying.

Trauma Healing Center Testimonials

Spotlight on Laurie Burnaby, Yoga Therapist
Did you know that yoga therapy has been proven to help regulate physical responses, calm the mind, and thus their emotions. Practicing staying in the moment combined with the physicality of yoga can improve your health. The Healing Center is pleased to have Laurie Burnaby sharing her 40+ years of yoga expertise with our clients

Laurie Burnaby - Certified Yoga Therapist